Volkswagen Teases ID.4 Charging At IONITY Station

Volkswagen Teases ID.4 Charging At IONITY Station


New video teaser suggests that the average charging power from 84 to 95% SOC is 32 kW (for the bigger battery).

While the world is waiting for the premiere of the Volkswagen ID.4, the manufacturer released a new teaser with a camouflaged prototype – this time to highlight the fast charging capability.

The ID.4 will be of course be equipped with a fast-charging inlet (different depending on the market – CCS Combo 1 in the North America, CCS Combo 2 in Europe/most of the world and most likely GB/T in China).

The European teaser shows the ID.4 at the IONITY fast-charging network. There are no details about the charging power, but we have noticed that at 95% state-of-charge (SOC), after accepting 11.4 kWh of energy, the car was still charging at 27.4 kW. It was at the 21:23 minute mark of the charging session.

Volkswagen ID.4 camouflaged prototype charging

There is an additional data point at 2.3 kWh and 84% SOC, at 3:29 minutes of the charging session. Combining the two numbers we can find out the difference:

We can’t judge the charging performance having just this, the average of 32 kW and 27.4 kW at 95% SOC is actually not a bad result. In most cases, EV drivers fast charge between 10% to 80%, as the last part is usually the slowest.

The peak charging power in ID.4 probably will be up to 125 kW, as in the case of ID.3 (but in general it also depends on trim level and battery capacity, so some versions might be good only for 100 kW or less).

As far as Europe is considered, the ID.4 will be available also with three-phase on-board chargers, hopefully, both 11 kW and 22 kW options.

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