Volkswagen Touareg R PHEV Tested By Autogefühl: Video

Volkswagen Touareg R PHEV Tested By Autogefühl: Video


There is really not much to complain about as it happens to be a decent choice.

As the Volkswagen Touareg eHybrid enters the European market, let’s take a look at Autogefühl’s review of the top of the line Touareg R version of this new plug-in hybrid SUV.

The Touareg looks pretty good both on the exterior and interior (of course it’s rather conservative as most Volkswagens are).

It has a WLTP EV range of 47 km (29 miles) – not a very high value, but it should be enough for commuting or city driving in most cases. For sure it will help the manufacturer to lower its average emission result in Europe.

The Touareg PHEV is comfortable, quick, quiet and drives pretty well. The main drawback compared to the conventional version could be the lack of rear-wheel steering, a handy feature for any big vehicle.

Common cons in the case of most new Volkswagens are capacitive buttons on the steering wheel and infotainment (it could work faster and be more intuitive, according to Autogefühl).

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