Watch Bollinger B1, B2 Electric Truck World Premieres Live Here

Watch Bollinger B1, B2 Electric Truck World Premieres Live Here


All-electric truck maker goes live with details starting at 4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific.

Tonight, Bollinger Motors officially reveals its much-touted and celebrated B1 and B2 all-electric pickup trucks. These are not just simply fully electric trucks, but instead, they aim to take the segment to a whole other level. But can they really make waves?

InsideEVs, as well as Motor1,  will be present this evening for the festivities. That being said, we honestly don’t have any idea what to expect here. Bollinger is a very small, niche electric automaker, so its future is questionable. We’ve seen what’s happened with virtually all startup, niche, all-electric automakers to date.

We’d love to see these Bollinger vehicles find huge success and take off like none other. In the end, however, it will all come down to price and availability. If an all-electric pickup truck is affordable and readily available, we see a terrific future, however, we don’t expect it to be an easy road ahead.

Video Description via Bollinger Motors via YouTube: 

Bollinger Motors B1 and B2 Reveal 2019

See the live unveiling of the two new Bollinger Motors Electric Trucks, the B1 sport utility truck and the B2 pickup truck. 5pm ET September 26, 2019.



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