Watch Catastrophically Crashed Toyota 86 Drive Under Its Own Power

Watch Catastrophically Crashed Toyota 86 Drive Under Its Own Power


If you see anything you want, you can buy the parts.

Cars can take far more punishment than you think before they give up the ghost. For a glaring example, check out this video of a totaled Toyota 86 that still somehow has a working drivetrain.

The car now belongs to a vehicle recycling company 417 Motoring Parts in Nixa, Missouri. The cause of the incredible damage to this 86 is a mystery. Whatever hit it managed to slam into the coupe right between the axles. Somehow the wheels were practically undamaged.

In the video above, it’s amazing to see that this car can still drive. Somehow the damage apparently doesn’t adversely affect the driveshaft too much, and it’s still able to route power to the rear wheels.

A more recent listing from 417 Motoring Parts appears to be for this car’s engine, and the listing sheds a little more light on the story. It indicates that the powerplant came from a 2019 model year vehicle with just 6,500 miles on the clock before the crash. The unfortunate owner didn’t have very long to enjoy the coupe before the wreck.

If you’re an 86 owner and see anything you want, it’s possible to reply to the Instagram post and ask for prices on pieces of the car. The company also has a store on eBay where you can find some of the bits of this car.

Current rumors indicate that a second generation of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ on the way. They might move to a version of the Toyota TGNA platform but still be a rear-wheel drive. The new coupe could allegely arrive as soon as the 2021 model year.

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