Watch Honda's Mean Mower hit 100 mph in 6.285 seconds

Watch Honda's Mean Mower hit 100 mph in 6.285 seconds


Every homeowner has been there: You have to mow the grass and there just isn’t enough time. You might have too much yard or you might have had to work late. Hell, there’s probably storm clouds looming and your grass isn’t getting any shorter. If only you had a lawnmower that could hit 100 mph in less than seven seconds.

Well, you might be able to borrow Honda’s. The Honda Mean Mower just snagged the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest Acceleration 0-100 mph for a Lawnmower.” Yes, that’s a real record. The Mean Mower managed an average sprint to 100 mph in only 6.285 seconds after two runs, piloted by Jess Hawkins.

The Mean Mower doesn’t rely on one of Honda’s mower engines for power. Instead, the engine from a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade helps this tube-chassis mower get up to speed. Honda says the I4 motorcycle engine makes 200 hp at a screaming 13,000 rpm and can propel the Mean Mower to a 150-mph top speed. Topping it all off, to claim the record the Mean Mower had to still cut grass.

If you want to pine over a lawnmower that you’ll never be able to own, check out the video above. Trust us: Watching a lawn mower launch like a shift kart is incredibly entertaining.

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