What the hell is this Ferrari in 'Jay Leno's Garage?'

What the hell is this Ferrari in 'Jay Leno's Garage?'


The Ferrari Conciso, based on a 1989 328 GTS (same wheelbase, same 3.2-liter V8), is basically a stripped-down track car in barchetta form. Conciso means concise in Italian, and according to RM Sotheby’s “it was built for Bernd Michalak’s Design Studio of Mainz, and is a one-off monument to their mantra of ‘athletic with not an extra ounce.'” Hence, its body is made of aluminum. It finally went up for auction last year, selling for about $120,000.

The Conciso weighs 800 pounds less than a 328, landing at 1,960 pounds. It’s basically a GTS with a new aluminum body. That means just 270 hp, but in power to weight terms, imagine a 4,000 pounder with 540 hp. Those are close to BMW M5 numbers. The hood and trunk open clamshell style, making it easier to work on than the donor car. Owner Franco Valobra had the engine rebuilt when he bought it, just to make sure everything was sorted.

Ferrari running gear means a five-speed gated manual, and a sweet Italian soundtrack, as we can hear when Leno and Valobra go for a ride. The doors don’t open — they have to climb over them — but they do offer space for a helmet on each side of the car. Valobra has tracked the car but notes that because of its light weight it might feel a little skittish in super high-speed corners.

It’s weird looking, but with a Ferrari badge and a one-of-one pedigree, Valobra got it for a song and if he wants to, could sell it for a mint.

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