Xpeng Motors Produced First 10,000 Electric Cars

Xpeng Motors Produced First 10,000 Electric Cars


Xpeng Motors produced 10,000 G3 electric cars and working on a second model

Xpeng Motors, the Chinese start-up which this year started deliveries, in June produced its 10,000th Xpeng G3 electric car – 188 days since the launch on December 12th, 2018. Xpeng Motors’ production plant is located in Zhengzhou, China

According to Xpeng, 7,359 sales occurred between January and May (including 2,200 in April and 2,704 in May) which was the best result among new EV manufacturers in China.

Xpeng Motors is interesting because it tries to borrow many ideas from Tesla – both cars and business approach. One of the examples is its own proprietary fast-charging network, which by the end of this year will count 200 stations.

“The Xpeng G3 is supported by an expanding sales, post-sales and charging infrastructure. Xpeng kicked off its “new-retail” sales program in April 2019, aiming to build over 100 direct and authorized sales stores, as well as a network of post-sales service centers, by end 2019.

As the only Chinese EV carmaker to build and operate its own supercharging network, Xpeng is also planning to expand its supercharging stations to 200 across 30 cities by end 2019, and 1,000 nationwide in the next 3 years, while Xpeng customers are also connected to over 100,000 third-party charging piles across China.”

Xpeng G3 specs:

  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.7 seconds
  • 145 kW electric motor
  • up to 365 km (227 miles) of range (NEDC)
  • 47.6 kWh battery
  • 0-80% fast charging in about 30 minutes
  • prices from 227,800 to 257,800 CNY ($33,100-$37,460) before incentives in China
  • prices from 155,800 to 199,800 CNY ($22,639-$29,030) after incentives in China

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