The Affordable 1992 Honda Civic Got This Sensible Digital Clock

The Affordable 1992 Honda Civic Got This Sensible Digital Clock


Nearly all of the timepieces we’ve seen in the Car Clock of the Week series have been extracted from discarded vehicles during my junkyard adventures, but today’s is different. Yes, I pulled it from a junkyard Civic at the now-defunct Pick-Your-Part in Hayward, California, way back in 2006, but that was because the 1992 Civic I’d just purchased hadn’t come with a factory-installed chronometer and I must have a clock in every car I drive.

The 1992-1995 Civic was still a very small car, with the hatchbacks weighing just a bit over a ton (the current Civic hatchback scales in at close to a thousand pounds more). If you got an Si or EX, you’d get a clock as standard equipment, but otherwise you had to pay extra; my ’92 was a DX with air conditioning and a five-speed but no clock.

After I swapped in the engine out of an Integra GS-R and took the results to the dragstrip, I decided I needed to focus on other automotive projects and sold my Civic to a 24 Hours of Lemons team. It will be throwing rods tearing up High Plains Raceway in the near future. Naturally, I pulled the clock, the audio system, the Citroën emblems, and some other bits and pieces before I sent the car on its way.

It always kept accurate time, through 14 years and better than 100,000 miles of ownership, and I plan to install it in a car-parts boombox very soon.

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