Can You Drive A Tesla Model 3 From Mexico City To Acapulco?

Can You Drive A Tesla Model 3 From Mexico City To Acapulco?


What’s it like taking a Tesla Model 3 road trip in Mexico?

The drive from Mexico City to Acapulco is about 480 km (~300 miles). According to Google Maps, it should take less than five hours to complete the trip.

Can an EV like the Tesla Model 3 easily make it? Is there a need to stop and charge? If so, what’s the situation with charging infrastructure? Superchargers? Finally, how long does a trip like this take in a Tesla? (warning: spoiler below)

YouTubers AutoDinámico set out to answer the above questions. As you can tell — whether or not you speak Spanish — they appear to be having a ton of fun along the way.

Check it out and then share your insight with us in the comments section below.

Video Description via AutoDinámico on YouTube (translated from Spanish):

We traveled the roads of Mexico in a Tesla, do we reach our destination? – Vlog

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