Elon Musk Gets UFC Fighter Beneil Dariush A Free Temporary Tesla

Elon Musk Gets UFC Fighter Beneil Dariush A Free Temporary Tesla


The fighter has been publically complaining about his refreshed Tesla Model X delivery delay.

You’ve probably seen the news. UFC fighter Beneil Dariush has taken the opportunity on a number of occasions to jokingly go at Tesla CEO Elon Musk related to the delivery delays of his refreshed Model X.

The fighter has mentioned it in unrelated interviews, and he even talked about it on mic after a fight. Musk got wind of Dariush’s concerns and responded on Twitter after an interview with Joe Rogan was posted. Dariush told Rogan via Teslarati:

“I wanna call somebody out. Joe, I’m wanna call out your buddy. Elon, Elon Musk, where’s my wife’s car, bro? I’ve been waiting six months. I’ve had a baby; I need a good car. I need to–I gotta protect my daughter. Let’s go, Elon! Get me my car.”


Those who follow Tesla know that the brand recently refreshed its flagship Model S and Model X vehicles. However, it’s focusing on the Model Y and Model 3 right now. It also appears the automaker may be in a bit of a pickle related to part shortages, much like many other automakers.

With that said, it seems Musk can’t just magically make a refreshed Model X appear. And, if he did, many other folks would be unhappy that a celebrity got his way while they continue to wait. Musk did, however, apologize and come to the rescue. 

The vocal CEO hooked Dariush up with a free Tesla Model Y to use until his Model X is delivered. While a loaner isn’t as good as the real thing, and the Model Y pales in comparison to the Model X in many ways, at least the UFC fighter and his wife now have a Tesla. They can put some miles on a car they didn’t have to pay for while they wait, perhaps more patiently now.

Source:Beneil Dariush (Twitter) via Teslarati

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