Hyundai Kona Electric's Running Costs Lower Than A Creta Petrol

Hyundai Kona Electric's Running Costs Lower Than A Creta Petrol


Hyundai India launched its first electric SUV in the country. This is the first ever electric SUV for India too and it’s priced at ₹ 25.30 lakh. But it all comes down to running costs at the end of the day especially for a car and a segment that is fairly new for the Indian customers. Hyundai India says that this aspect too is covered. The big news here is it says that the running cost of the Kona Electric is 1/5th of that of the Hyundai Creta petrol variant. It says that the Kona electric has 80% lower running cost than a petrol car and promises a low maintenance cost too. In fact in a product presentation made by the company, it has stated that the cost per kilometre for the Kona electric is less than Re. 1. Compare that to a car with a petrol engine and the running cost goes up to ₹ 6 per km. The only time you’ll probably be making a run to any fuel pump is when you want to fill your tyres or buy something at a convenience store at the place.

Hyundai Kona Electric, being an all-electric car has zero maintenance costs compared to a petrol car

As far as maintenance cost goes, the Hyundai Kona Electric, being an electric car has zero maintenance costs. The Kona Electric does not have parts like valves, spark plugs, any kind of hoses or even drive belts for that matter; all of which undergo wear and tear in the course of the life of a fossil fuel powered car. These costs are high when it comes to maintaining an ICE powered car and well the Kona being an electric, there are savings on that front. Hyundai makes the Kona Electric available with a warranty for 3 years and unlimited kilometres, along with a warranty for 8 years and upto 160,000 km for its high voltage battery.

A fossil fuel powered car like Hyundai Creta involves fuel as well as maintenance cost

Now the big question here is, how does it make a case for itself in a country like India where infrastructure for electric cars is the need of the hour. Hyundai India though, we think, have given this a fair amount of thought. The customers who buy the Kona Electric will be provided with two Chargers along with the car – A portable charger and an AC Wall Box Charger. The Portable charger can be plugged into any normal 3 Pin 15 Amp socket and charge the vehicle. This charger can top up daily running of 50 Km in less than 3 Hours. Whereas AC Wall Box charger (7.2 kW) can top-up charge the vehicle within 1 hour for running 50 km.

Hyundai Electric Vehicle selling dealers will support the customer for installing the sockets at customer’s premises and also provide charging demo to the customer.

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