Is EV Start-Up Rivian Working To Develop An Edge Over Tesla?

Is EV Start-Up Rivian Working To Develop An Edge Over Tesla?


While EV startups are difficult, few, and far between, Rivian appears to be the real deal.

Rivian Automotive was working “incognito” for many years. When the press and public first took notice of the upcoming automaker, its potential seemed incredibly positive. However, most of us are well aware that it’s going to be a long and difficult journey. So, there was plenty of expected criticism and skepticism.

Fast-forward to just a few months later and Rivian started making huge waves and garnered much positive press with its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S three-row SUV. Not to mention the acquisition of a massive, working factory, in addition to investments from Amazon and Ford.

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Is all of the above enough?

Business Insider seems to believe so, and we’re confident that Rivian has much more up its sleeve.

It’s important to note that Business Insider (BI) is historically anti-Tesla, although there have been some exceptions. With that being said, we’re not here to dwell on the publication’s Rivian versus Tesla headline. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to get BI’s take on this upcoming entrant.

Check out the short and informative video for details. Then, share your take with us in the comment section below. Also, set aside some time to visit our all-new RivianChat forum, where you can find additional information and engage in more conversation about this dynamic company and its upcoming products.

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What EV Start-Up Rivian Is Doing That Tesla Isn’t

Rivian is an up and coming startup company building high-performance electric adventure vehicles. So far the company has received investments from Ford and Amazon totaling over $1 billion. The company has progressed so much by making business decisions no other EV startup is making.

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