Neoen And Tesla Expand World's Largest Battery In Australia By 50%

Neoen And Tesla Expand World's Largest Battery In Australia By 50%


Within several months, the Hornsdale Power Reserve will be expanded by 50% to 150 MW of power and 193.5 MWh of capacity

The renewable energy company Neoen announced today an expansion of its battery energy storage system Hornsdale, Australia (built by Tesla in 2017), which is by the way the worldโ€™s largest lithium-ion power reserve (100 MW/129 MWh storage capacity).

The site used for better utilization of solar and wind generation as well as the support of the grid, turned out to be highly successful, reportedly saving consumers more than $50 million AUD (US$35 million) during its first year of operation.

Now, Neoen and Tesla will add 50% more power and capacity so, after the expansion, the Hornsdale Power Reserve will be:

“Alongside additional power system reliability and continued cost savings to consumers, the expansion will provide an Australian-first large-scale demonstration of the potential for battery storage to provide inertia to the network which is critical to grid stability and the future integration of renewable energy. This will ensure South Australia can continue to harvest its world class wind and solar resources and support the transition to net 100% renewable energy generation in the 2030s, and further drive down electricity prices for all consumers.”

Tesla’s energy storage business is quickly growing and the new project in Australia should add 2020 year results as the completion is scheduled for the first half of next year.

A quick look at Tesla’s Powerpack transport:

Launch in October 2017:

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