Off-Road Tesla Model 3 Won’t Supercharge, Loses Bumper In Water

Off-Road Tesla Model 3 Won’t Supercharge, Loses Bumper In Water


This lifted Model 3 was built by Grind Hard Plumbing Co with the help of Rich Rebuilds and his Electrified Garage to go off-road.

Rich Rebuilds and his Electrified Garage were asked by the Grind Hard Plumbing Co. YouTube channel to lend them a hand in order to make a Tesla Model 3 go off-road. They picked up a totaled Model 3 that was structurally okay and a good candidate to be repaired and put back on the road, but instead of restoring it, they turned it into a kind of lifted Mad Max-inspired vehicle, ready for uneven terrain.

While being driven off-road, the vehicle also lost its rear bumper while going through water; this is a known problem with the Model 3 and it sometimes takes far less water to cause this issue, so it seems like it was inevitable when driving the vehicle through what could only be described as a shallow pond.

And thanks to its all-wheel drive traction, grippy tires and lifted suspension, this Model 3 is undeniably capable at traversing tricky terrain. While this Model 3 was being repaired and modified, it was announced that salvage title examples, which were banned from Supercharging in 2020 could now be use Supercharger network yet again.

This was confirmed by many owners who couldn’t Supercharge before, but they noticed it had been reenabled. Rich wanted to see if it worked for the off-road Model 3 and at first it seemed to charge without issue, but then charging stopped and it wouldn’t start again, in spite of the fact that the previous owner’s $65 Supercharger bill had been paid.

But the vehicle did Supercharge, which means it has been reenabled. The reason why it didn’t keep on working is surely payment-related. The message displayed on the car’s screen says ‘Add payment method from charging screen’ so the only problem that’s keeping this particular Model 3 from charging is not last year’s ban imposed by Tesla.

Source:Rich Rebuilds / YouTube

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