Sandy Munro EV Conference: Everything You Need To Know

Sandy Munro EV Conference: Everything You Need To Know


It turns out you can learn a ton from Sandy Munro. Plus, he’s a class act.

Last week, we shared a story with you about Sean Mitchell and Gali Russell’s trip to Detroit. The two visited Rivian’s headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. They also explained that they’d be participating in something cool and unique the next day. It ended up being the Munro & Associates EV conference that we apprised you of last month.

Essentially, the Munro event provided in-depth engineering comparisons of the Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, and BMW i3, in addition to an overview of the all-new Jaguar I-Pace. 

We had plans to attend the event. However, it sold out and they were out of press passes. Fortunately, we’ve been in touch with Sean and he produced this excellent video recap with all the details. It includes informative slides from the event, which he explains and discusses at length.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell ( on YouTube:

What I learned about the Model 3 from Sandy Munro

Immediately following the event, Sean and Gali shared a live update from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. We’ve included that video below.

Video Description via Hyperchange TV on YouTube:

LIVE Munro EV Breakdown Event Recap w Sean Mitchell

A live/recap of the Munro & Associates EV Breakdown (Model 3, IPACE, Bolt) event in Auburn Hills Michigan. Filmed with Sean Mitchell from the Detroit Airport baggage claim.

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