Tesla Fremont Factory One Step Closer To Reopening?

Tesla Fremont Factory One Step Closer To Reopening?


If only production would be allowed again, Tesla might jump right into it immediately.

According to the latest news, the automotive industry might soon – at least partially – try to restart manufacturing operations in the U.S.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released on April 17, a third version of guidelines on essential workers, in which it wrote: “Workers critical to the manufacturing, distribution, sales, rental, leasing, repair and maintenance of vehicles and other transportation equipment” are essential.

It’s not a federal mandate and the final decision depends on local jurisdiction “who must determine how to balance public health and safety with the need to maintain critical infrastructure in their communities”, but it might be the first step to see car manufacturing plants come back online.

The Tesmanian blog reports that the reopening of Tesla Factory in Fremont, California might be imminent (quicker than planned – on May 4). Since the plant can’t produce any Model Y/Model 3 without batteries, the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada would have to come back online as well.

We don’t know whether that is the case, but at least in Europe, more and more manufacturers have outlined plans of restarting or even already restarted some operations. Other manufacturers, like General Motors or Ford, as well as the entire economy eagerly awaits some positive news, a green light to restart operation – obviously with all the measures required to keep it safe.

As a side note – the EV charging networks are now also included in the essential category, but they were operational anyway.

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