Tesla Model 3 Dashcam Helps Owner Prove Fault In Crash

Tesla Model 3 Dashcam Helps Owner Prove Fault In Crash


Tesla owners can have peace of mind knowing they have the proof on video.

As you can see from the brief TeslaCam video above, the Tesla Model 3 driver wasn’t at fault in the incident, whatsoever. But, try convincing the authorities and the insurance company of that. It doesn’t always prove very easy.

The police and insurance companies are supposed to remain impartial, and we’d like to believe that most actually do. It’s not an easy job, and when there’s not much proof, it’s difficult since they have to listen to both sides and make some assumptions. Hmm … was it the super quick, little red sporty electric car, or this mammoth delivery truck?

It’s hard to know for sure, right? Well, not if you have a dashcam and can provide solid evidence of how the situation played out. In this recent video, the Model 3 owner shares all the details, including the police report.

Yet again, we encourage you to get a dashcam for your car if you don’t already have one. As you can see, it could save you tons of frustration and money, not to mention keeping your driving record clean. Moreover, it helps the authorities with their difficult job.

Video Description via Mahesh VP on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 camera helps prove accident liability

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