Tesla Model S Performance Trounces Mustangs In 1/4 Mile: Video

Tesla Model S Performance Trounces Mustangs In 1/4 Mile: Video


First, we see the Model S race the Model 3. Then, it blows away some pony cars.

Tesla Racing Channel appears to have had a grand old time on the 4th of July. The channel just picked up a brand-new Tesla Model S Performance (formerly P100D). The car has not yet been modified, so they want to see how it performs in its stock configuration.

To get an idea of how the refreshed Model S fares, they take it out against dad’s Tesla Model 3 Performance. Prepare yourself for one silent drag race. It’s interesting to see how much faster Tesla’s flagship performance sedan is compared to its less expensive performance sibling.

Following the battle of the two Teslas, the video goes on to show the Model S dominating a handful of other vehicles. As you can see, the Tesla makes easy work of a few Mustangs in the 1/4 mile.

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Video Description via Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube:

New Tesla Model S P100D Dominates Mustangs in the 1/4 Mile

Our new Tesla P100D with refreshed batteries takes on Zmax dragstrip’s quarter-mile runway. First race we go up against dad’s Long Range Performance Model 3 and from then on we put our Model S in the 11.0 bracket class. Taking on tons of mustangs and an R32 Nissan. I actually had to leave to go racing in …Mexico…but I left dad with the cameras to finish of the race for me!

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