Tesla Model Y Sets Fastest SUV Lap Record At Buttonwillow Raceway

Tesla Model Y Sets Fastest SUV Lap Record At Buttonwillow Raceway


Well, it’s classified as an SUV, but it’s also tuned.

Unplugged Performance upgraded its Tesla Model Y with a prototype suspension and brakes. Now, it’s faster than a Porsche 997 911 Turbo and almost as fast as a track-tuned 997 GT3 around Buttonwillow Raceway.

The Tesla Model Y is very quick, especially for an SUV. However, we’ll back up and say that it’s definitely not your traditional SUV, or really much of an SUV at all, at least according to some peoples’ definitions. It’s fair to say that many of today’s ‘SUVs’ are similar to the Model Y, so people would rather call the crossovers. 

Regardless of what you call it, the Model Y laid down some amazing times at Buttonwillow Raceway. The thing with all Tesla vehicles is that they’re roomy cars that do a solid job of moving the whole family around, not to mention having plenty of space for cargo.

The Model 3 is practical for a sporty midsize car. The Model Y dials that space and practicality up, without sacrificing performance. Unplugged Performance actually put a full-size mattress in the Model Y and slept at the raceway. 

As you’ll learn in from watching the video, the tuned Model Y set a lap record of 2:01.9. For comparison, the all-time Tesla lap record at Buttonwillow was 1:54 in a Model 3, which was also tuned with Unplugged Performance parts.

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