Tesla Model Y Teardown Reveals Oil Filters Attached To Its Motors

Tesla Model Y Teardown Reveals Oil Filters Attached To Its Motors


Technically, it is not the motor that uses it: it is the gearbox. Does it need to be replaced?

One of the main arguments in favor of electric cars is that they have much easier maintenance than combustion-engined competitors. Fewer parts and most of them not so prone to wear are the explanations. Yet, the Model Y teardown process carried on by Munro & Associates revealed that the Tesla electric motors have a component that combustion engines also have, and that needs to be replaced quite often: an oil filter.

Just make no mistake: electric motors do not need oil, so the filter is for the integrated gearbox units, not for the motors. We just wonder how often these filters must be replaced.

A Reddit thread that is already two years old shows this is not new. Anyway, it is interesting to see the oil filter in a transmission, something they usually do not present. One of the people commenting even bets it never needs to be replaced. The oil filter would prove Tesla wants everything to last for as long as possible, hence the extra care.

The rest of the video is dedicated to presenting other electric motors Munro & Associates have disassembled over time. Unfortunately, it is not long enough to scrutinize all the technical details and advantages, and disadvantages each of the “secret sauce” recipes offer, as Sandy Munro calls the different solutions.

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Worried about how COVID-19 will affect his business and many others, the engineer is auctioning some autographed items from the Model Y and even objects they have created at the company, such as tables made from the beautiful turbine wheels that equip the electric CUV.

You may have noticed that Munro coughs on the videos some times. He seized this opportunity to warn everyone that he is not sick or affected by COVID-19: he is just allergic. In case you were worried about that, he is ok. We hope his business, employees, and all of us also get out of this situation in perfect shape as well.

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