The Dutch EV Market Surges Again In November To 18% Market Share

The Dutch EV Market Surges Again In November To 18% Market Share


Tesla Model 3 sales went through the roof in November, reaching almost 4,000. December might be 6,000.

Upcoming decrease of fiscal incentives for all-electric cars in the Netherlands (from January 1, 2020) has prompted a significant sales rush towards the end of this year.

In November, new passenger plug-in car registrations doubled to 7,205, reaching a very high 18% market share! None of those numbers are a record, as September and some other months were even better, but it’s really big.

The average market share over the course of 11 months is 11% (43,639 registrations).

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – November 2019

Model rank

The biggest winner of the situation in the Netherlands is the Tesla Model 3, which noted some 3,979 new registrations (55% of all)!

Model 3 is the top-selling car of any kind in the country this year (17,858) with a huge advantage over the second-best Volkswagen Polo (ICE), which noted 12,565 registrations.

The difference to the direct competitors in the mid-size class is tremendous – 3,979 vs 570 (2nd best BMW 3-Series).

The Netherlands has become the biggest market for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla cars in Europe, bigger even than Norway.

Next month, the Model 3 may reach a new sales record (previous is 5,768 in September), as already close to 2,000 were registered during a third of December.

The next three BEVs with significant results are:

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