The Situation With This Reviewer's Tesla Model 3 Is Not Going Well

The Situation With This Reviewer's Tesla Model 3 Is Not Going Well


And, it keeps getting worse.

We welcome Episode 11 of The Fast Lane Car’s “Thrifty 3” series. This is definitely not a good one if you’re the owner of this Tesla Model 3. The episode points to some of the realities of certain repair situations when it comes to Tesla vehicles.

TFLcar also spends a good amount of time in this video recounting some of its history related to covering Tesla vehicles and dealing with the automaker in general.

For background, not long after TFLcar took delivery of its Model 3, they had a minor fender bender while pulling the electric car into their garage. Since then, they’ve learned that the repair process is going to take much longer than anticipated and this seemingly minor repair is not going to be cheap.

The initial repair estimate happened way back on April 18, but the shop didn’t take the car in until May 16. Parts alone add up to some $4,500 and the grand total comes in over $10,000. Fortunately, insurance will cover most of that.

It’s important to note that not all people experience lengthy wait times, but it’s best to be prepared for the worst if you need to get your Tesla repaired. There are a number of factors involved that could work to speed up or slow down the process.

Tesla doesn’t handle its own repairs. Rather, you’ll have to go to a Tesla-certified repair shop. Some may have parts on hand and/or the ability to get them more quickly. In addition, some shops may just have the resources to get the job done in a more timely matter.

Remember, while these collision centers are approved by Tesla and have trained technicians, there’s a good chance many of them haven’t had to deal with a large number of Tesla repairs yet. So, in many cases, the process is still quite new.

Have you had your Tesla repaired? If so, share the details with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

It Keeps Getting Worse! You Won’t Believe How Long & Much to Fix Our Tesla Model 3 – Thrifty 3 Ep.11

( ) Our crashed Tesla model 3 is still cashed and in this video we are stunned by how much it will cost to repair it and how long it will take.

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