Watch Tesla Model S Race Corvette C8, Hellcat, Nitrous Racing Beasts, & More

Watch Tesla Model S Race Corvette C8, Hellcat, Nitrous Racing Beasts, & More


This Tesla Model S racing video is packed with unique and interesting challengers.

There’s really nothing quite like Tesla Model S drag races. When you stumbled upon this video, perhaps you thought, “Ugh, another Tesla drag race.” Or, maybe you were excited to watch and learn which cars win. At any rate, Tesla drag races have worked to draw positive attention to EVs. They prove that these cars are far from the small, polarizing, electric golf carts of the past.

If you’re tired of Tesla drag races, or you simply don’t need to watch them since you’re already aware of Tesla’s performance advantage, think of these videos as good material to share with the “not yet converted.” Show your friends and family why EVs are boss.

Virtually all Tesla and EV fans know that Tesla’s vehicles are among the quickest in their respective classes, as well as some of the quickest production cars available today. They tend to win most of the races we watch and share. However, there are exceptions. Oftentimes, those exceptions involve races against modified cars.

In this recent video by Tesla Plaid Channel, the Model S takes on the 2020 Corvette C8, in addition to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a Ford Mustang, and a whole list of older vehicles that have been modified for drag racing. You’ll see a G-Body Wagon, a Fox Body Mercury, and more. Tesla Plaid Channel reveals that at least one of the vehicles is loaded with Nitrous Oxide.

Can the Tesla Model S beat all of these rivals despite their mods and tricks? If not, we can just blame it on the mods. At any rate, check it out, share it around, and leave us a comment below.

Source:Tesla Plaid Channel (YouTube)

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