Watch This Guy Repeatedly Slash The Tire Of A Parked Tesla: But Why?

Watch This Guy Repeatedly Slash The Tire Of A Parked Tesla: But Why?


One would think people would be aware of Tesla Sentry Mode and TeslaCam by now?

While this creeper doesn’t even have time to put his shoes on, he sure has time to target a parked Tesla vehicle and draw out his knife to slash the tire. Moreover, he makes sure he’s done a really good job by sticking the knife in the tire over and over and over. Honestly, we are really trying to hold hope for humanity in this day and age, but what gives?

Are we saying such incidents don’t happen regularly to other non-Tesla cars? No way! We know full-well this type of crime is happening to many vehicles across the globe (and the video poster notes that the local police indicated that many non-Tesla cars were targeted as well). However, due to Tesla’s built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) feature, in addition to its Sentry Mode technology — both of which rely on the standard Autopilot suite of cameras — we get to see this nonsense firsthand.

Sadly, no other automaker currently offers such standard features. Tesla Autopilot is truly an outlier in the automotive world, as is a built-in standard dash-cam and cameras to “watch” your car, record video, and alert you of criminal activity, or any activity near the car for that matter.

Finally, the fact that Tesla can update these features over the air on a regular basis and indefinitely improve its global fleet of cars is unique and incredible. We can only hope legacy OEMs are already taking note and making plans to follow suit.

Video Description via Tesla Cam on YouTube:

Low life slashes tire of a parked Tesla

Thug punctures tires and caught on TeslaCam


The incident happened around 3 AM when the car was parked by the leasing office of a rental apartment community in Newport Beach, CA. When I found out one of the tires was flat on my way to work, I checked the recordings made by the car. Its Sentry mode saves videos of all suspicious activities around the car from 4 cameras, one on each side. After I got a loaner wheel from Tesla I brought the evidence to the police station. I was told by the police that there were other cars in the same area which had their tires slashed the same night. Apparently, the crime was not Tesla-targeting, but it was a Tesla Model 3 which caught the suspect on camera. The investigation is ongoing. I will keep you posted. If you happen to know this guy, please call NBPD.


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