Japan Is Getting A Rad Toyota RAV4 Off-Road Rescue Vehicle Concept

Japan Is Getting A Rad Toyota RAV4 Off-Road Rescue Vehicle Concept


When things go wrong on a hike, this Toyota can come to the rescue.

The Toyota RAV4 Mountain Rescue concept debuts in Japan to imagine a tougher version of the concept that is loaded with gear for saving people. The vehicle was originally supposed to debut at the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon until that event became an online-only happening.

The Mountain Rescue concept has a matte black front end with vibrant red tow hooks and handles on the A-pillars. The roof has a rack with an emergency light bar and LED spotlights on four sides. The rest of the body is a shade of blue with light gray graphics. Running boards offer a step into the cabin.

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The suspension appears to sit a little higher than a stock RAV4. There are also off-road tires that wrap around black wheels with a complex spoke pattern.

The vehicle carries a ton of equipment to perform life-saving duties. There are attachment points for Lidar, a camera, lamps, speakers, and even a drone, depending on what the vehicle needs to do.

Toyota will debut this concept to the public in Takaoka, Japan, in Toyama Prefecture on March 13. This area received record-breaking snowfall in January that resulted in many vehicles getting stuck, according to Car Watch Impress. Demand for SUVs in the area has been increasing, which was probably why Toyota decided to debut the vehicle there.

As a concept, don’t expect to see the Mountain Rescue concept on the road, but the RAV4 TRD Off-Road has a similar recipe, just without all of the life-saving gear and emergency lights. It has an updated suspension that includes new springs and shocks, in addition to revised bump stops. There are 18-inch matte black wheels with Falken Wildpeak Trail tires that have a bespoke tread pattern and compound specifically for this application. Inside, there is SofTex upholstery and all-weather floor mats.


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