The Mk7 Volkswagen Golf R Has Officially Ended Production

The Mk7 Volkswagen Golf R Has Officially Ended Production


The Mk7 Golf has been around for more than seven years now, and Volkswagen is beginning to wind down production to prepare for its replacement, the Mk8. The 2020 model year will be the last for the Mk7, though if you want a Golf R, you’ll have to move fast, because production for that trim is ending this year.

Volkswagen confirmed to Motor Authority the Mk7 Golf R has ended production, and won’t join the Golf lineup for 2020. This comes just weeks after the company announced it would be ending production of its Golf Sportwagen and Alltrack.

For now, buyers interested in the Golf will have to settle for something else in the Mk7 lineup, which still includes the all-electric e-Golf and the four-door GTI (the two-door was killed off in 2016).

Volkswagen confirmed to Autoblog there would be a Mk8 Golf R. In May 2019, a VW spokesperson confirmed to us both the new R and the new GTI would be coming Stateside, though there’s still no word on whether the standard Golf hatch, Sportwagen, or e-Golf would come here as well.

If you’re in the market for a Golf R, you should either buy one now before dealer inventory runs dry, or wait it out until 2021 (or possibly later) for the new one. Up to you.

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