This Ford Dealer Will Sell You a 1000-HP Mustang for $54,995

This Ford Dealer Will Sell You a 1000-HP Mustang for $54,995


Lebanon Ford is at it again. The Ohio dealership famous for offering big power for Mustangs on the cheap has just launched its newest project, Project M, and it promises 1000 horsepower from a Mustang GT for just $54,995.

The car is a Mustang GT equipped with a Performance Pack level 1 and an automatic transmission, matched with the buyer’s choice of either a Whipple 3.0 generation-five supercharger or a D1X stage 2 Procharger. There are upgraded spark plugs, injectors, as well as a bigger heat exchanger, a cooler thermostat, and an upgraded fuel pump. The setup makes 1000 horsepower to the crank on E85 gasoline.

Lebanon Ford says the car will also come with a different supercharger pulley and a separate ECU tune for those who’d rather run their car on 93 octane, or don’t have access to E85. The company says this setup should be good for around 800 horsepower at the crank, with all the same upgrades. Here’s a video breaking down the car’s upgrades further:

If you’d rather not pay for a performance pack car or an automatic transmission, Lebanon Ford estimates you can get this 1000-horsepower kit for as low as $50,000. It if were us, we’d ditch the auto but keep the performance pack upgrades. Bigger brakes, stickier tires, chassis bracing, and stiffer springs could be useful with all that power on tap.

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