Aston Martin confirms run-out DBS 770 Ultimate

Aston Martin confirms run-out DBS 770 Ultimate


Superleggera final edition will get sharper looks, better handling – and yes, 770hp…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 4 January 2023 / Loading comments

It feels like time will be kind to the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. Back at launch, it was easy to be a bit mean about Aston’s mighty flagship, with an interior that wasn’t quite up to snuff and a sneaking suspicion that a DB11 AMR was very nearly as good for a whole lot less money. But when the V12 has breathed its last and Aston offers a range of electric SUVs (maybe), it’s easy to imagine the beautiful old 5.2-litre GT being fondly recalled. People will talk wistfully, no doubt, of the days a DBS Superleggera could be bought for £150k…

Anyway, back in the here and now of 2023, Aston Martin has a new DBS edition, one that marks the end of production for the Superleggera. Though not fully revealed just yet, and only previewed in a very short release and YouTube video, there’s plenty to be encouraged by. Following the pattern set out by the DBX 707, the DBS 770 Ultimate’s name pertains to its power output. From 725hp as standard, this new car now has an incredible 770hp, which is more than a One-77 and (we think) the most potent this twin-turbo V12 has yet been. Aston Martin is promising ‘ferocious performance’ from this new model, which is very easy to believe given the disdainful way the standard car relentlessly piled on speed.

Furthermore, the 770 will be ‘re-engineered’, says Aston, which is some undertaking if correct for just 499 cars. But the result is said to be ‘sharper dynamic focus coupled with exquisite design’. Again, the standard Superleggera was hardly deficient in those areas – it’s one of the great modern grand tourers – so consider us pretty excited for what’s set to be a faster, even better looking, even better-to-drive limited edition. Aston says the Ultimate will be ‘uncaged early 2023’ – bring it on.

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