Audi issues recalls for 265K cars for airbag fault, loose wheel trim

Audi issues recalls for 265K cars for airbag fault, loose wheel trim


Some 265,000 Audi owners will soon receive recall notices in their mailboxes to fix one of two separate issues.

The German luxury brand filed two recalls with the NHTSA, which the government agency made public Thursday. The recalls are scheduled to begin in August.

The first involves an airbag fault that could make the passenger-side airbag totally inactive. The recall affects 138,896 vehicles and includes the Audi A3, S3, A3 Cabriolet, A3 e-Tron, and RS3, and spans the 2015-2019 model years, though Audi said only 2015-2016 S3 vehicles are included, and 2019 A3 e-Trons are exempt.

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The problem sits in a faulty electrical contact that could cause the passenger airbag detection system to shut off. It may falsely detect a malfunction and not deploy the airbag in the event of a crash. Airbags that do not deploy increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash.

Audi said owners will need to bring their A3 models to a dealership where a technician will replace the connector and reroute the associated cable free of charge.

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The second recall surrounds loose wheel trim on the 2018-2019 Q5 and SQ5 crossover SUVs. This recall affects 126,175 vehicles. The automaker said the wheel arch trim may become loose and detach from the vehicle. If the piece comes loose and falls off, it creates a road hazard for other drivers and increases the risk of a crash. The fix is a simple one, however. Audi technicians will secure the wheel trim with an additional screw and nut to ensure it does not fall off while driving.

The first recall for airbags should begin Aug. 18, while the wheel trim recall is scheduled to kick off Aug. 2.

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