BMW M2 Competition | Spotted

BMW M2 Competition | Spotted


A new M2 will be along soon enough; it has some act to follow…

By Matt Bird / Friday, January 28, 2022 / Loading comments

Spy images have emerged on the internet in the past few days of a new M2, and there’s cause for optimism. Which hasn’t always been the case of late what with, y’know, the other BMWs. The prototypes show a compact coupe (good start) without massive grilles (encouraging) doing skids on the Arctic ice (perfect). With a straight-six still providing power and a manual gearbox likely, everything we know about the next M2 thus far sounds great. Not least because early reviews of the M240i xDrive, despite its odd looks, have been positive as well.

Another great M2 would only be appropriate, really, given how well received the original was. Expectations are high because the old one was loved so much. The original charmed with its rowdy attitude, small scale and obvious sense of humour – then the final gleam of polish was applied by the Competition and its M3-donated engine. The run-out M2 CS looked expensive, sure, but wait until you see what they’re for sale at used…

For most, then, a Competition is the M2 to get. There’s 90 per cent of the CS experience for little more than half the money, offering a decent upgrade over the original (for not a whole lot more cash) thanks to the engine and suspension changes. Find a manual and that’s a classic M car full house.

Here’s just the thing, a 2020 Hockenheim Silver M2 Competition, with the manual gearbox and only 11,000. Even by the standards of M2s, this one looks terrific, and that’s thanks to one key modification – the BMW M Performance coilovers. An expensive option when new (around £2k), they work wonders for the stance of the car, making a handsome small BMW into a proper stunner. What the coilovers do for the Comp’s occasionally brusque ride is another question, so don’t say you weren’t warned, but at least the M2 will look spot on wherever it’s parked up.

Otherwise, it’s as per most other M2 Comps, which is no bad thing at all. What might look an old-fashioned BMW interior to some looks eminently logical from where we’re sitting, not least with a proper gear lever sprouting from the middle. Less than two years and 12,000 miles old means it presents pretty much as new, and will surely still be covered by the BMW warranty and service plans from original purchase. That it is for sale at almost £50k (when the new price was £49,805) shows just how highly regarded the Competition is. And also how pricey used cars are in 2022…

No matter. Because next year, in five years or another 10 years’ time, an M2 Competition is always going to look a great buy. Even in the current situation. Modern and well equipped enough to be usable for decades to come, yet imbued with the attitude that has made M icons since the 1980s, there’s a reason why this car has been raved about since 2018. However the new one turns out, you’re unlikely to ever regret buying secondhand – especially one that looks this good. Just be sure you’re happy with the ride…

Specification | BMW M2 Competition

Engine: 2,979cc, straight six, turbocharged
Transmission: 6-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 410
Torque (lb ft): 406
CO2: 226g/km
MPG: 28.2
Recorded mileage: 11,000
Year registered: 2020
Price new: £ £51,860
Yours for: £47,950

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