Brabus reveals 800hp ‘SUV Coupe’

Brabus reveals 800hp ‘SUV Coupe’


Well, you've bought an AMG GLE to go fast and get attention – how about some more of both?

By Nic Cackett / Thursday, July 22, 2021 / Loading comments

Nobody needs reminding that the high-performance SUV coupe, however bizarre, is big business right now. The Urus is the fastest selling Lamborghini ever, Porsche has affixed its hallowed ‘GT’ badge to the rump of a Cayenne Coupe and even Ferrari is making a four-wheel drive swoopy SUV. Quite rightly, then, Brabus wants its own slice of what is a very profitable pie.

The 800 SUV Coupe is based on the latest mild hybrid GLE 63 S 4Matic + Coupe – Brabus clearly keener on a simpler naming strategy – and aims to deliver “outstanding performance” with a “special sporty appearance”. Obviously, it has loads of power: out go the standard turbos, replaced by Brabus’s own, boosting at 1.6 bar and yielding 800hp/737lb ft. Which is quite a lot more than the standard GLE’s already very healthy outputs of 612hp and 626lb ft, and means 2.3 tonnes of AMG SUV can reach 62mph in 3.4 seconds. Brabus maintains that its work “harmonises perfectly with the integrated mild-hybrid starter generator of the GLE 63 S”.

This being Brabus, however, the power is just the start. Well, buyers car opt for just the 800hp and leave it there, but this is an AMG GLE Coupe flagship; if ever a car was about modesty and restraint, this isn’t it. So the options for quad tailpipes in carbon and titanium, the 23-inch Monoblock wheels and the 25mm air suspension drop basically tick themselves. And then there’s the bodykit. Comprised of a front spoiler (said to minimise front axle lift), air deflectors, arch extensions, diffuser and spoiler, they come in your choice of matt or gloss carbon. Seems a shame that Brabus only ever launch black cars, really…

GLE buyers craving that little bit extra can place an order now for an 800 SUV Coupe. Alternatively, customers already with a GLE 63 can be converted to Brabus specification, or options cherry picked from what must be a fascinating catalogue. Don’t pretend you aren’t a little intrigued.

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