Bus rams into Octavia, my wife comes out unscathed | 8.6 lakh repair

Bus rams into Octavia, my wife comes out unscathed | 8.6 lakh repair


As per the witnesses, my wife was lucky to survive the accident. As for my car, the insurance company wanted to declare it a total loss.

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My wife was approaching the highway from a minor road and a bus, which had just jumped the previous signal, rammed onto the driver’s side. Driver side window and right ORVM mirror smashed. All airbags on the right side deployed. The car tried to move laterally but my wife felt the entire car gripping the road – MCB in action.

My wife was lucky to survive the crash as per witnesses. Nothing happened to her apart from the emotional trauma of the crash and the sound of the airbags deploying.

Reliance wanted to declare a Total Loss since the initial assessment looked like more than 75% of car value. Luckily the quote came to around 8.6 lacs.

Work started and seemed like forever. Had to supervise and give constant reminders to the workshop for everything. Work took around 2.5 months to complete! Insurance settlement took about two weeks.

I had to pay a 10% salvage charge which I contested with Reliance Grievance, IRDAI and almost wanted to go for Ombudsman but gave up since it had taken so long. My final liability was around 35k including consumables, salvage and ECU and ACM resets.

They actually did a decent job. Panel gaps are not that off and all edges seem flush. The job looks big but it is not. In the end, it is tearing down the car inside – to the floor and cut/weld/grind the joints for the new panels.

Running board and rear 1/4 panels were cut/welded. A pillar outer/inner and front bracket had to be renewed along with door hinges. New door panels, front fender, rear 1/4, door pads, roof lining, seat belts and airbags + controller and impact sensors – these cost the most, apart from the seat cushions.

If anyone wants to see the invoice for an idea of how much body panels, sensors and trim panels cost, let me know.

I was not happy that the entire car surface had paint overspray/paint fog on them. Dealer wanted to polish and do a Teflon. I refused and just got a Ceramic coat done for the whole car including the annual Ceramic Coat Maintenance.

In the end, apart from the trauma and the long period of waiting – the car did what it was built to do – save the occupant. If there was better training for the workshop technicians in India, these jobs should not take long. There was also a lot of waiting for some parts that had to come from Europe.

Here’s what BHPian Lalvaz had to say about the matter:

First time I heard of MCB (multi-collision brakes). Also surprised to know that it worked even for a lateral collision, but glad it worked and helped in keeping your wife safe and sound.

Is there any impact on the structural rigidity of the vehicle post-accident and the replacement of certain impacted panels?

Also, could you share pics of the car as it looks currently?

Here’s what BHPian Raghu M had to say about the matter:

I am glad that there were no major injuries. By looking at the pics, it doesn’t look like the car can be written off as a total loss. Insurance companies try this route if the repair bills are high (Skoda as such has high spare prices). The airbags deployed, the wheels look fine (after the impact). I think the car was able to retain the overall structure with very little impact. I hope I am not missing anything obvious (from the pics).

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