Cars are now an integral part of life with distancing norms

Cars are now an integral part of life with distancing norms


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing norms are now mandatory in most places of the world. With these restrictions, cars are being used to maintain social distancing and drive-throughs and drive-in cinemas, etc. are becoming more popular.

tIn Cannes, the annual film festival was postponed. However, local residents came together to watch a movie in a drive-in cinema at a beachfront car park. Steven Spielberg’s 1980s classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was played. The screening accommodated 51 vehicles that were parked in every alternate spot. Staff members wore face shields and moved from vehicle to vehicle to scan barcodes on tickets.

This trend of drive-in and drive-through facilities is now becoming the new normal. Due to limited weddings at German registry offices, a drive-in cinema is organizing official marriages on its stage, while relatives and friends of the bridal couple attend the marriage ceremonies in their cars.

With restaurants keeping only the kitchens operational, patrons are lining up at the drive-through windows. Long lines of cars can be seen at popular restaurants the world over.

One church in Copenhagen is also offering a drive-in service to worshipers to curb the spread of the virus. To celebrate May Day, residents in Denmark took part in a drive-in rally.

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