Crashed Corvette: Check out the 2020 Corvette's first public accident

Crashed Corvette: Check out the 2020 Corvette's first public accident


The first public eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette crash happened in the California canyons.

In case you forgot, Chevrolet just released what might be the most significant update to the Corvette: a midengine platform. The big reveal might have just been punctuated by an early accident. That’s right: before the new ‘Vette has hit showrooms or fallen into the hand of regular Joe consumers, the 2020 Corvette was involved in a wreck in California.

According to an Instagram account called Wrecked_Musclecars, the Corvette clipped an oncoming SUV while ripping around California’s canyon roads. Judging from the pictures, the story mostly adds up: there’s a new Corvette with significant damage to its nose and a Chevrolet Equinox missing a wheel. There’s also a red Ford truck thrown into the carnage, so it’s hard to say exactly what happened with the details at hand.

Well that didn't take long. My wife spotted this brand new wrecked #2020Corvette #Stingray on her way to Yosemite here in Ca. It was part of a rally of cars with GoPros mounted. Took the rear wheel off an SUV heading opposite around a turn. @motortrend @1320video #corvette #c8 #c8corvette #midenginecorvette #zoracorvette #corvettecaravan #wreckedmusclecar #wrecked #musclecar @chevyhighmag @corvette @chevrolet @chevroletperformance @supercartwinz 🤦

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What we do know is that this the first public accident involving the new Corvette. It appears that the Corvette was part of a development or promotional drive. The GoPro cameras mounted to the ‘Vette suggest this car was part of creating a promotional or internal video.

It looks like no one was injured in the accident, but we’ve reached out to Chevrolet for any further details.

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