DB5 Junior gets a No Time To Die Edition

DB5 Junior gets a No Time To Die Edition


Can't stretch to £3m for the full-size Bond DB5? The Little Car Company is selling this one for £90k…

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, September 21, 2021 / Loading comments

There’s always a lot of excitement around a James Bond film, because everyone loves 007. But with the delays and setbacks that have beset No Time To Die, anticipation is higher than ever – Spectre was six years ago, and we haven’t waited that long between Bonds since Dalton was switched for Brosnan.

Anyway, the time is almost upon us, and with the film comes merch. Just recently one of the £3m DB5 Goldfingers was shown off to London in a full-size Corgi box, and now we have this for kids of most sizes: the DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition. Like the real thing, this is a Silver Birch DB5 (as revealed by The Little Car Company last summer) with a suite of gadgets to help you impersonate the world’s most famous spy.

The modifications are so well known by now you can probably reel them off: Gatling guns in the headlights (or simulated ones, at least), a smokescreen out back and the ability to switch numberplates, though here it’s via digital plate that can take the place of BMT 216A at the touch of a button. Chris Corbould OBE, the main involved with the special effects on 15 Bond films, was a consultant for the build, and has described the No Time To Die DB5 as “stunning”.

Furthermore, The Little Car Company has provided less obvious upgrades to justify this car’s billing above the standard DB5 Junior. There’s more power and more range, the latter now up to 80 miles, and a ‘skid mode’ which “comes in handy when caught in a tight spot”. It is said to replicate what the real thing does in the film trailer, which is actually more like a burnout mode, and therefore the perfect thing for any freshly mowed lawn. We’re also told there are ‘easter eggs’ for “lucky owners to find”, so good luck with those. Just bring it back in one piece, 007.

The Little Car Company will build 125 No Time To Die Editions, “the ultimate collector’s item for Bond fans worldwide.” Priced from £90k excluding local taxes, buyers will get membership to both the Aston Martin Owners Club and The Little Car Club as part of the deal. And DB5 Junior buyers feeling short changed needn’t worry – they’ll be offered an upgrade to NTTD spec. The additional build slots are being allocated now on 007junior.com on a first come, first served basis.

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