Dumper rams into my Ciaz from the rear, my car hits a Tata 407 ahead

Dumper rams into my Ciaz from the rear, my car hits a Tata 407 ahead


While waiting for the traffic ahead to move, I glanced at the IRVM & saw a fast-moving dumper closing in.

BHPian [email protected] recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Today at around 12 noon, I started from home, Borivali towards Sion. Took the normal WEH and things were fine until the Oberoi/Dindoshi Flyover.

The usual traffic build-up on the southbound arm (towards Bandra) led to bumper-to-bumper traffic and I stuck to the usual middle lane.

Was patiently waiting for the traffic ahead to move, and had stopped my car (Ciaz) just behind a Tata 407, keeping a safe distance of about 5-6 ft between us.

A couple of seconds later, I glanced at the IRVM and saw a fast-moving dumper closing in from the rear. A second later, the dumper rammed into the boot of my car, and here are the pictures.

The impact was such that the car leapt forward by at least 6-7 feet and rammed into the stationary 407, with the right headlight coming out of the assembly as a result of the impact.

Fortunately, none of us in the cabin (myself, my wife and our 6-month-old toddler) felt anything except for a jerk, the boot and the bumper having taken the entire impact to not transfer anything into the cabin.

As of now, the car is at the Sai Service workshop for repairs, with an estimate of about 1.65 L being quoted (actual figure to be confirmed upon the Surveyor visiting and inspecting the vehicle tomorrow).

Here’s what BHPian Thad E Ginathom had to say about the matter:

Very sorry. Sad to see your car looking like that.

It seems that it is all too easy to drive into stationary traffic. Somehow, even if fully alert and awake (and maybe your guy was not) it takes time to realise that the cars we think are moving are stopped.

No, I have never done it. But I was with a friend who was driving fast, and I realised that he had not realised. As we came to a halt, in time, he said, “Thank you. That was almost an emergency stop at that speed, and no, I hadn’t realised.”

Passengers can be useful. Never nag the driver, but be like a watchkeeper at sea. Just tell what you see. I always tell my passengers to do that. Usually, I have seen, but there’s always a chance they might save some bodywork or even a life.

Here’s what BHPian amrutmhatre90 had to say about the matter:

Glad to know you and your family are fine. I always am scared about the rear impact rather than the front collision. I drive with a good distance between two, but during hard braking scenarios, my first reaction is to check the rearview mirror.

Roads are filled with idiots and careless people.

Here’s what BHPian anjan_c2007 had to say about the matter:

Very good news that you and your two family members are safe and unscathed. We can just imagine two Tata trucks on both ends and a Maruti in between to fathom what could have been the scenario had the dumper hit the car at any higher speed. Moreover, the Ciaz endured it well though the damage that has happened makes one sad and much disturbed.

Such accidents could occur with any cautious and even not so cautious driver, as his driving skills were neither tested otherwise and were in no way responsible to cause the mishap. It was bad luck that played a major role.

The ASC will surely be able to put your car back in ship shape soon, even though at a cost.

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