Ford Super Duty Recall Solution Is To Use Some Tape On It

Ford Super Duty Recall Solution Is To Use Some Tape On It


More proof of Duct Tape’s ability to fix everything.

When it comes to recalls, car manufacturers must employee some of its best and brightest minds to keep its vehicles safely on the road. In their latest recall, Ford’s engineers took a play straight from the Apollo 13 mission using duct tape to save the day. The sleuths over at Car and Driver found that Ford’s latest recall involves a short training video and a roll of Premium Foil Duct tape to prevent a possible fire risk in Super Duty trucks.  

If you’ve never tried to fix something in your life, then duct tape may be a new concept for you. Duct tape is employed by the HVAC community to help fasten and insulate air ducting in all temperature-controlled structures. This highly resilient tape is good enough to fix almost anything including 490,574 Ford Super Duty trucks.

Gallery: Ford Super Duty Recall Solution Is To Use Some Tape On It

Ford’s recall stems from a fire risk attributed to the seat belt pre-tensioners located in the truck’s B-Pillars. These pre-tensioners remove all of the slack in the seatbelt upon a collision and work in conjunction with the front airbags to keep passengers safe. Recent findings show ford’s pre-tensioners produce a large number of sparks that risk setting the truck’s insulation and carpet on fire. This recall is for all F-250 to F-550 trucks built between October 8, 2015, and October 29, 2019.

To combat the risk of fire, Ford dealers will remove the sound insulation around the seat belt pre-tensioner and use the foil duct tape to cover the edge of the truck’s carpet. This carpet is then tucked back under the plastic trim pieces ensuring nobody can see your new duct-taped truck. A clever solution to quickly fix almost half a million trucks. 

The smart use of duct tape to prevent fires is something we can all relate to. It’s certainly the most elegant solution but it gets the job done. Be sure to stock up on your duct tape needs before Ford buys out your local hardware store.

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