Forum Friday: The $400 Corrado SLC

Forum Friday: The $400 Corrado SLC


Jealousy, thy name is $400 Corrado. We’ve scoured our community and found this gem of a thread for this week’s Forum Friday.

Is it Corrado week on VWvortex? Not really, we just happened to find two great cars to bring to you. On Monday we highlighted a 39,000 mile 1994 Corrado SLC that was on It sold for, get this, $30,500. Is that a fluke due to the super-low mileage, or are Corrado’s on the upswing? If they are, then VWvortex member DieGTI got an amazing deal on this SLC: $400.

Seriously: this whole car, a running VR6 model at that, was only $1 more than a Series 6 Apple Watch. Unreal.

Well as you can expect, a less-than-$500 car probably needs a lot of work. And you’re right. The brakes were shot, the clearcoat was peeling, there was a sizable dent from a careless snowplow driver, and the left rear side glass had been broken. Overall it was a sad car.

But DieGTI had big plans for this ‘Rado. The VR6T he built in a Mk2 Jetta was destined for the coupe. Well, parts of it anyway (you’ll need to read the thread for more info). In addition to the turbo, he installed a custom exhaust and did a ton of electrical work.

But one of the most impressive feats was how he fixed the damaged turn signal and fog light lenses. Apparently the pieces are unobtanium, so Die thought “why not make my own?” Through some trial and error, he cast his own custom plastic lenses and even made versions in different colors.

Enjoy DieGTI’s $400 Corrado thread, and maybe post up a compliment on the work he’s done so far.

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