Fuel efficiency of my Hector Plus & my views on its engine performance

Fuel efficiency of my Hector Plus & my views on its engine performance


I think the 0-100 km/h time of the SUV would be equal to or even better than the diesel MG Hector & Tata Safari.

BHPian TSEA recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

  • Method Used: Tank full to Tank full
  • Fuel Filled: 46.40 Ltrs
  • Kms Travelled: 483
  • Fuel Efficiency: 10.40 Km/Ltr

My last month’s running has been mostly to a place around 6 km from my house. The efficiency might improve if I run the vehicle for a longer duration.

There are a lot of talks on the performance of the 1.5 Turbocharged Intercooled engine of Hector Plus.

I find the engine to be more than adequate for city driving. Coupled with the E-Boost provided by the Hybrid setup, the pick up of the car from a standstill is reasonably quick.

The engine revs happily and produces a peak power of 143 PS @ 5000 rpm. MG has also tuned the engine to produce maximum torque at lower rpms: 250 Nm @ 1600-3600 rpm. These figures make the Hector Plus very nimble at lower speeds. These figures are also very close to the much-envied 1.5 TSI engine (148 bhp @ 5000 rpm and 250 Nm @ 1500 rpm) of another SUV. However, Hector is a heavier vehicle and that does play into the power to weight ratio.

While I was unable to find a 0 to 100 Acceleration Numbers of Hector Hybrid, my guess is that it will be well under 11 seconds, which will be equal (or better) than a diesel Hector/Safari.

MG should have given a more relaxed 6th gear. Currently, 90 km speed comes at 2,000 rpm. I would have loved (and so would have the fuel efficiency numbers) to have 90 km at 1800 rpm.

Water washed the car today. Attaching a few pics. While I don’t recommend this color, it does shine a lot even after a plain water wash.

Side view (notice the dirt on the black plastics, that portion needs a proper shampoo wash and a dressing)

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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