Glorious Porsche 993 Carrera RS Clubsport for sale

Glorious Porsche 993 Carrera RS Clubsport for sale


Right-hand-drive examples are already fantastically rare. And this one is even more special than most…

By PH Staff / Thursday, 25 August 2022 / Loading comments

When John drove the 993 Carrera RS back in May, he got very excited. In print he said it was among his top five favourite cars. In person, he was even more effusive. The Clubsport car was staggeringly good, he told us with breathless enthusiasm, and was now unequivocally on his must-buy list should his numbers finally come up. Well, Johnno – this one is for you.

You’ll likely recall that the homologated 993 RS is a rare old bird in standard configuration; Porsche didn’t make much more than 1,000 examples for the entire planet. Of those, only 200 or so were optioned as the Clubsport variant. And of that number, RPM Technik reckons that as few as 7 might have been supplied to the UK with the ‘M003 Clubsport’ option box ticked (or the RSR Package, as it apparently was known). 

Needless to say, this is one of those cars – in the same Riviera Blue that John drove, but with the steering wheel conveniently relocated to the correct side. Behold the welded-in roll cage, the enormous adjustable rear wing, the fire extinguisher and the proper race-spec buckets with six-point harnesses. 

No less brilliantly, this is also said to be the only UK Clubsport car with the factory-fitted air conditioning option ticked – and, if like us you’ve spent the last four weeks sweating profusely, that really does seem like something you want if you intend on enjoying the car on long summer days. Which you’re definitely going to want to do if it’s anywhere near as epic as his nibbs insists that it is. 

Like most Rennsport models, the 993 combined low weight (it was around 100kg lighter than the Carrera 2) with punchier performance – delivered in this instance by a bored-out 3.8-litre naturally aspirated flat-six that featured a Variorum intake manifold and a modified six-speed manual gearbox. The resulting noise, and the 300hp underneath it, are said to be the perfect accompaniment to pitch-perfect ride quality and exceptional steering response (said by you know who). 

Of course, all this exclusivity and excellence comes at a considerable cost. This C16-supplied RS Clubsport is up for £429,995, which makes it the priciest 993 in the classifieds. In fact, it’s only £10k cheaper than a delivery-mile 4.0-litre 997 GT3 RS – another 911 which enjoys God-like status. But that’s a left-hooker. Today’s spotted has spent the last two decades sheltering in a private collection of ‘uber rare 911s’ where it has accrued a respectable 38k miles. Expect John to double that in one-tenth the time if he beats you to it. 

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