Gold Toilet Thieves Know: The Best Getaway Car is a Golf R

Gold Toilet Thieves Know: The Best Getaway Car is a Golf R


Yes, there has been a new development in the case of the stolen golden throne. Turns out that the thieves may have made their escape in a Golf R.

Although two men have been arrested in connection with the caper, authorities are still searching for the gilt latrine. As a result, Thames Valley Police have released these photos of a blue Golf R (blue and gold, tres chic) with dummy plates thought to have been involved in the crime.

The police are hoping people will help them find the car, the alleged thieves, and the toilet. And there’s a £100,000 reward for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest and the safe return of the latrine.

Far be it from us to take this extremely serious crime lightly, but the gang responsible (Robin Turd and his Airy Men?) may have handed VW the best ad in its history.

How much must a gold toilet weigh? And the not-obviously modified Golf appears not only to have taken it in stride, but also to have driven home smoothly enough not to hurt the toilet. Talk about precious cargo.

For those not familiar with the crime, back in mid-September a gang of thieves broke into Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire and stole the toilet. Named America, the toilet was a conceptual art piece by Maurizio Cattelan that guests of the palace (and previously the Guggenheim) were actually invited to use.

That means that the toilet was actually plummed into the palace, so there was some flooding that followed the theft, which is definitely not hilarious. 

So if you see a build thread about an English Golf R in the forum, keep an eye out for gold toilets. It may be worth £100,000.

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