Here's the new Land Rover Defender, for real this time

Here's the new Land Rover Defender, for real this time


Your door is ajar! Your door is ajar!

Spy shots come in all shapes and sizes, and from all places. Sometimes we see a camouflaged Ford out here in Dearborn, Michigan, on the highway. They can also be spotted in Death Valley hot weather testing or in the Arctic Circle in negative-temp snowstorms. And sometimes even when cars are covered, we can still get a look inside. Take the new Land Rover Defender, which was caught by Twitter user — and we’re guessing Land Rover fan — @LandRoverPA.

They caught a camouflaged Defender testing and snuck a picture of the interior — no big deal, right? But wait! In the gauge cluster, like some automakers are wont to do, there is a picture of the car. Those are usually used to display a crawling angle or water fording or ride height, and it’s completely naked. Well, at least no camouflage.

So, there it is. It looks to match the camo’d cars we’ve seen so far, and we’d say it looks appropriately cool, both retro and futuristic. Check out what else we know about the Defender here, here and here.

And check out the rest of @LandRoverPA’s Twitter feed for more Defender love.

The All-New Defender! Someone managed to sneakily photograph the display cluster of the New Defender.#AllNewDefender #landroverdefender #landroverphotoalbum #landroverevolved #Defender2020

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