Honda Two-Wheelers Resumes Operations At Manesar Plant

Honda Two-Wheelers Resumes Operations At Manesar Plant


Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has announced that the company has decided to resume operations at the Manesar plant following widespread protests by workers. The protests started earlier this month after some contractual workers, whose contracts had expired or were nearing the end of contract, were asked to go on indefinite leave. More than 2,000 workers had protested the decision, forcing HMSI to suspend operations at the company’s manufacturing facility in Manesar. Now, HMSI has released a statement saying that all permanent workers have been asked to join duties from November 25-28 in four batches.

“The decision to resume production at Manesar plant was initiated on November 22nd. All permanent staff associates were informed to join duties from 25th to 28th November in four batches. Process of joining back to work has started as per schedule and we look forward to normalcy of operation after this process is completed. With the intention of maintaining industrial peace, Manesar plant management reaffirmed that all permanent workers are expected to resume work as per schedule and carry out their assigned duties with discipline, good faith, cooperation and positivity,” an official statement from Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) said.

The protests began on November 5, when some contractual employees were not allowed to go into the plant. The Manesar facility of HMSI employs around 1,900 permanent workers and 2,500 contract workers. According to the employee union, HMSI had reduced production of the facility by 50 per cent, and sacking contractual workers. On its part, HMSI maintains that a slowdown in the auto industry over the last 11 months had led to production adjustment and manpower realignment at the plant. According to HMSI, the contractual workers whose term had been completed were relieved from their duties, but permanent workers were not impacted.

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