Living with a Tata Safari Storme: 1.05 lakh & 9 years of ownership

Living with a Tata Safari Storme: 1.05 lakh & 9 years of ownership


Test drove the Mahindra Scorpio-N, which for me seems to be the only reasonable upgrade option.

BHPian viXit recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Few updates since this post.

I broke the pipe joints when I removed the cowl of the car.

I bought Y joints from Maruti Suzuki, fixed the plumbing and now the windshield washer is working as it should.

Want to replace it with a spray-type jet that Hyundai use. Really love it on my grand i10.

Replaced High beam with the latest get of Nightbreaker laser halogens at the time.

I have HID in High beam so can’t flash. The Halogens were not worth the price, and it was a massive downgrade in light. But it was definitely a whiter colour than normal halogens.

The beam pattern was perfect, and I could flash my high beams, but the brightness of the high beam was terrible. Switched back to my HIDs.

I exchanged the low beam HID with High beam HIDs, to put the lower aged bulbs in the low beam, so the low beam is a little brighter now.

Amazon graciously refunded me my Life savings after taking the Osrams back.

Got rear-ended, and ended up with a new left tail light, new left rear bumper, and new rear bottom black bumper with exhaust tips. The car looks brand new in that corner. All work is done at Malik Bowempally, TASC. Top-notch Paint and paint job. Lovely finish.

Got all the scuffs and scratches on the rest of the car painted too, but at a cheaper place since it was not covered under insurance.

  • Both side steps
  • Rear right corner bumper
  • Front bumper

The paint didn’t match and the finish isn’t great, but at least there are no scratches visible, so I don’t mind. It was reasonably cheap too I guess. Nothing much to say.

The brake bleeder nipples disintegrated, need to order new, will probably order MGP.

Went to a concert with a bunch of friends, they broke my 12v socket. It was flimsy, to begin with. Having trouble finding the illuminated socket, I think I have to buy a non-illuminated one and reuse the old LED in the socket.

The LED keyring has gone kaput, it was flickering for a few days before eventually giving in.

The truck has crossed 1.05L. So the engine’s just been run in. Will cross 2k rpm now.

Been using ring road a lot, and might sell the honda, so using it for its frugal engine. 30kmpl daily, who doesn’t want that?

Oil in Storme is around 8k old. Will maintain 10k intervals for all filters and Engine oil now.

I spent Air Force Day on an Air Strip with the beast.

The fun continues 9 years down the line.

Was teaching some kids how to draw circles.

Took a good long TD of the Scorpio, Seems to be the only reasonable upgrade except for the Fortuner. Which I arbitrarily hate for many stupid reasons.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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