M2 CS-based Manhart MH2 GTR gets 600hp

M2 CS-based Manhart MH2 GTR gets 600hp


Maddest M2 not quite mad enough? Manhart is on hand

By Matt Bird / Monday, February 1, 2021 / Loading comments

We're big fans of the BMW M2 CS – so much so that it made it to our Favourite Cars of 2020 top three. Part of the appeal is how nicely balanced every attribute seems to be, with the right sort of power for the grip available, gear ratios well suited to the performance, a scale that suits the road and so on. Which kind of begs the question: what would happen if that balance were tipped very heavily in the favour of power?

The Manhart MH2 GTR gives us some idea, given it produces a massive 600hp – or a third more than standard. Torque is up even more substantially, from 406lb ft to 612lb ft. This in a car already well known for its oversteer antics. It's not even the most powerful M2 Manhart has made – guess what the MH2-630 is capable of…

The GTR incorporates a lot of the 630 upgrades, with a new intercooler, carbon intake, upgraded exhaust, a different map for the ECU and a 'Manhart turbo performance kit'. The seven-speed M DCT – the transmission fitted to this particular one-off – has also been uprated by the Wuppertal-based tuners. Additional mods include an H&R suspension kit (just springs, it seems, presumably retaining the standard adaptive dampers) forged 20-inch wheels for the Michelin Cup 2 tyres and carbon exhaust tips.

But, of course, you'll struggle to notice that given how the GTR looks. Manhart has previous for this kind of crazy road racer look, having built a similar MH4 GTR based on the M4 DTM Champion Edition. There's that BMW Motorsport-inspired livery, for starters, alongside that chunky rear spoiler, carbon front wings with cuts outs and the stickers. All of which, it might be suggested, look a little try hard – though arguably better suited to a 600hp M2 than a 220d.

The motorsport vibe continues inside the GTR, too, with an AKmotion data display now taking the place of an air-con vent, Recaro seats and goodies bought in from the BMW M Performance catalogue. It's all pretty attention grabbing, let's put it that way.

Given the GTR is said to be unique, it's presumably off to one lucky customer very soon. That said, plenty of the upgrades are available through Manhart for those after a similar driving experience without the dubious add-ons. Or with them – the vinyl set is €5,000. The full 600hp will cost more than €20,000, though a more modest 500hp ECU tinker is effective on both Competition and CS and costs less than €2,000. In fact, it's less than the carbon air intake, which is on offer at €2,230. Unsurprisingly, anything made of the black stuff is pricey – the rear wing is €2k, the carbon wings with louvres €3,000 and even the exhaust tips €700. That's before even considering the purchase price – currently the CS is still on offer at £85,000. Still, the options are available should buyers want to take them, right up to something as berserk as the GTR. Be boring if we all liked the same stuff, wouldn't it?

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