Mahindra Scorpio-N: Real world observations on seating comfort

Mahindra Scorpio-N: Real world observations on seating comfort


Suspension, although on the stiffer side, is adequately comfortable and I didn’t feel much body roll.

BHPian Rigs recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Did a TD of Petrol Manual today as it is my choice (Booked Z4 P M under 25k). The TD vehicle I got was White and had done roughly 5km.

Driving Impression

  • Car just glides over the road and rough patches, although there weren’t many but where other cars were reducing their speeds, Scorpio-N went through without any fuss.
  • Front Seats are the most comfortable and all the buttons are in close proximity, didn’t have to lean over for reaching them.
  • The Vehicle feels like a tank (coming from sedans or hatches) and one needs to be extra careful when maneuvering through tight spaces or in traffic.
  • Both edges of the bonnet were clearly visible.
  • Passengers in other vehicles seems to be sitting just above the road, and large side windows add to the ease of driving
  • Steering is very light but responsive, didn’t feel any difficulty while overtaking vehicles in traffic.
  • Accelerator felt to have a minute rubber-band effect (or maybe was very light and I’m not used to such light accelerator), adding to which I felt minor Turbo-Lag as well, the moment car is above 1.2-1.3k RPM, it just pulls and pulls effortlessly.
  • Brakes are sharp and one needs to lightly press to get super response, whenever applied a bit harder, felt nosedive effect from both driving as well as 2nd row passenger’s perspective.
  • Gearbox is very responsive and one can pick up from crawling traffic from the 3rd Gear as well (tested it as due to closer proximity of gears, I mistakenly changed to 3rd when it was meant to be in 1st).
  • Engine Auto On/Off works fluently when putting the vehicle to a complete halt and changing to Neutral, car starts automatically by pressing the clutch, didn’t feels much difference as the cabin is super silent.
  • As I’m not used to gizmos and gadgets in a car, couldn’t check the mileage and other info, or sunroof etc. but I checked the Audio System by Sony, which is loud enough at full volume, not punchy or bassy enough, just adequate.

2nd Row Impression

  • Suspension, although on the stiffer side, is adequately comfortable and didn’t feel much body roll.
  • Being seated in 2nd row with seatbelts on, felt minor sideways momentum when changing lanes, Mahindra has really improved ride quality.
  • Seating Position as per me (being 5’11”) was seated normally, with ample legroom and space, but I felt thigh support was a bit less (maybe due to my long legs, father felt most comfortable in both rows). Adding an inch and a half will do the job.
  • Also I felt somewhat uncomfortable when seated with my back all the way backwards, felt the angle of backrest was a bit more (or maybe its my personal problem of sitting a bit more upright)
  • Also the door inside grab handles are at a bit awkward position, but will get used to with time, person holds that side handle rather the roof handles when someone is driving enthusiastically.
  • 2nd Row MIDDLE Seat feels a bit upright (due to cup holders), didn’t had any problem in seating, tunnel was low, but it needs splitting of legs on either side as AC vents intrude that space.
  • Headrest for middle passengers feels a big miss, and head tries to find the headrest when seated there.
  • Headroom for 2nd row is acceptable with space adequate buffer.
  • 2nd Row Seats’ Side Cushioning (Bolsters) are boon as well as bane (lets one sink in the seats comfortably but at the same time restricts the 2nd Row seats for just 3 medium built persons) and they may seem almost flat visually, but when seated there, it will become uncomfortable for long rides. (fix: Fabric Seats could be different with aftermarket mods available at the time of seat covers to extend the thigh support and reduce the cushioning a bit)
  • 2nd Row AC is powerful enough, but noisy when switched past its mid limit, its throw is more than ample and chills the car in no time, 3rd row passengers won’t miss the need of AC much. Had to higher the temperature after 10 minutes of only front AC in use.

3rd Row

  • Although didn’t rode while sitting in 3rd row, but checked the space again in the display vehicle, after riding in comfortable seats, 3rd row is inadequate for a person like me (leave medium to heavy built adults to fit there). At max 5’4″ – 5’5″ person can fit perfectly but will still feel inadequate thigh support.
  • The only head-on I got is there are 4 special screws (2 on each side) on which the 3rd row is bolted, and can be removed easily, the design of holders are square-bracketish and one can easily add spacers (of metal or wood) with longer screws to increase the height which may free some space, adding extra thigh support while making custom seat covers and finding best way to make 2nd row seats slideable will free up ample space for adults to sit comfortably for short rides. “As they say, Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

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