Mercedes-AMG GT 63 hybrid due next week

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 hybrid due next week


Electrified 800hp flagship teased ahead of its unveiling at Munich

By Matt Bird / Thursday, August 26, 2021 / Loading comments

The Mercedes-AMG GT63 4-door really doesn’t want for much – it’s a supremely good car. In fact, the last thing anyone’s who’s felt all 639hp and 664lb ft deployed will think the car needs is more power. But that’s what’s coming; the hybrid GT that’s been discussed in press conferences and spied near the Nurburgring is to be revealed at the Munich motor show next week.

Though without a name yet, GT 73e is being mooted, which would mark the first time the ’73’ moniker has been seen since the wild V12-engined car from the turn of the century. Teased on Mercedes-AMG’s Instagram in a colour not dissimilar from the GT Black Series orange, the E Performance 4-door looks… well, quite a lot like a GT, from the front at least. There’s seemingly no drastic overhaul for the V8 hybrid, with a similar design for the grille, headlights and intakes to what we’re used to. If anything is being missed, shout now…

‘The calm before the roar’ is AMG’s accompanying caption, doubtless making reference to the V8 which will accompany the silent electric gubbings. Remember we’re expecting more than 800hp from this car, and in the region of 738lb ft as well; AMG hybridisation is initially a lot more about making the V8 more efficient than it is delivering substantial zero-emission range.

There’s something mischievous (and appropriately AMG) about launching this GT at IAA in Munich next week, too; at a show focused on smart cities and mobility solutions, Merc’s tuning arm will turn up with an 800hp V8 hybrid for the very well-heeled executives among us. Whatever it’s called and whatever it looks like, we’ll bring you every detail once the covers come off.

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