My experience attending the Mahindra Adventure event

My experience attending the Mahindra Adventure event


The first couple of hours we were in an XUV7OO getting a tour of the entire facility. It is a state-of-the-art facility spread over 400 acres.

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Ever since Mahindra started events in their new facility in November 2021, I wanted to visit it. So finally for the June 25th Adventure event, Bhpian Tilt and I signed up. We chose to do both the Mahindra SUV Proving track (MSPT) tour and the Off-Road Track events. Since Mahindra was providing the vehicles for the event and we couldn’t drive our own cars on track, we decided to travel together in my Polo GTI to the facility near Kanchipuram.

Enroute, we had some nice mutton biriyani (tomato rice) at Ambur:

Entry to the facility

They sealed our phone cameras for the track part of the event as many prototype cars were getting tested. The new Scorpio N video shoot was going as well, probably for the launch. I loved the olive green colour of the Scorpio N. The car looks bigger than even the current generation Tata Safari. Interiors look up market and as per the people I interacted within the facility, it is a very capable off roader.

The first couple of hours we were in an XUV7OO getting a tour of the entire facility. It is a state-of-the-art facility spread over 400 acres. There are high speed tracks, dynamic testing pads, ABS/ESP testing areas with surfaces having different coefficient of friction, water wading, suspension testing, dust testing tunnel etc. Sharing an Youtube link (as we were not allowed to take any pictures or videos) of the facility, so that you can get an idea.

After the tour, we had a short presentation about 4×4 basics before we started the off-road track experience. It is a well-designed obstacle course testing almost every capability of the new Thar. Naysayers will say there is no fun in an artificial track, but this was meant to know the boundaries of the Thar. It was conducted by Mahindra themselves and the knowledge sharing was priceless. Often, we learn a lot about off-roading from experience, but it is always good to know stuff from the people who did the testing, R&D. Since the event was run from 5pm to 10pm, the darkness added an extra layer of fun.

All the Thars used for the event were diesel HT (MT and AT), they had their rear bumpers removed and had a custom DEF guard. Rest of the car was completely stock including recovery points.

None of the Thars had a serial number as they were all test vehicles

Starting point

One of the easy obstacles, driving over tyres

This was probably the first obstacle, doing over diagonally placed metal pipes

The circular slush pit was the first test of wading depth

Another slush pit which was deeper and had a climb. A lot of Thars got stuck and had to be winched out.

The recovery vehicle of the team had a mile marker winch in the stock bumper on a winch plate.

Railway track sleepers

One of the pits. We had a refreshment break near a watchtower, with good views of the facility

Some views from the watchtower

Near the watchtower

The axle twisters

Balancing on the narrow concrete sleepers

Lining up to cross over two large pipes, the spotters from Mahindra were excellent and we didn’t have any incident at all.

Steep decent and ascent

Test for wheel articulation

Going downstairs, these were pretty deep stairs

At the end

Some Mahindra goodies and a scrumptious dinner to wrap it up

Some gifs from the event

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