Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2) MR for sale

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2) MR for sale


Spoiler alert: Manthey Racing modified Porsches are spectacular

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, January 25, 2022 / Loading comments

For all their phenomenal ability, it’s seldom that any discussion of modern 911 GT3s can last long without talking about availability and resale values. Which, um, we’ve just done again. But it can be understandably hard to focus on double wishbone suspension and 9,000rpm flat sixes when more than £100,000 over RRP is being asked. Then again, if GT3s weren’t so awesome, the asking prices wouldn’t be paid. Chicken and egg.

For once, this isn’t more of the same. This is not just lots of money being asked for a GT3 RS in the best-known colour, with snazzy houndstooth seats and a big wing for those envious of what’s coming for the 992. Oh no. This is a Lizard Green GT3 RS with the Manthey Racing overhaul, one that’s been used and enjoyed to its fullest – with almost 10,000 miles to show for it – and ready for a new owner to enjoy on road and track in 2022 and beyond. Money no object, it’s hard to think of a Porsche better suited to the task.

More than £65,000 has been spent on Manthey Racing parts for this GT3 RS through RPM Technik (which is now selling the car). Take a look at the catalogue of parts, stop drooling for a second, and it’s easy to see how that sum was reached. The magnesium wheels are almost £17k and the new coilover suspension the best part of £10,000, just for starters. Probably isn’t cheap to get ‘MR’ embroidered into the seats, either…

But the results speak for themselves. A GT3 RS like this one, even down to the colour, lapped the Nordschleife last year in just 6:56 with Kevin Estre behind the wheel. By the old lap measurement, the Manthey Racing Porsche set a 6:49.656. Which is a sensational time in and of itself with ‘just’ 520hp – and only beaten by a second with the new GT3 – as well as seven seconds faster than the standard RS without any extra power. Which doesn’t sound a huge amount perhaps, but then improving on what was already exceptionally good doesn’t tend to come cheap. That spoiler really is for more than just show. And if you’re going all in on a track-focused Porsche, why not the whole hog?

For the committed, this really could be used on an almost regular basis. It has the nose lift, the infotainment has been retained, and the Manthey bits are even covered by the warranty thanks to Porsche majority ownership. For those really, really keen on circuit driving, a GT3 RS has always been the go-to choice, and this one is surely even more desirable than most. It’s even eligible for free Manthey-only days at the Nurburgring, as if an excuse was needed to get out in it…

The Manthey car is more expensive than the other GT3 RS 991s currently available, at £238,995. But you won’t find a facelifted 991.2 for less than £200,000, so it’s hardly like this represents a dramatic uplift. And that money buys the fastest GT3 RS out there, which is a pretty cool thing to arrive behind the wheel of. Especially with those magnesium rims. And it’s still cheaper than the 992 GT3s that are for sale…

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