Porsche reveals 640hp Cayenne Turbo GT

Porsche reveals 640hp Cayenne Turbo GT


The Porsche 'GT' badge needs no introduction – but can the Cayenne live up to the legacy?

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, June 29, 2021 / Loading comments

Nobody should really be surprised by the launch of a Porsche Cayenne with more power than a Carrera GT. Look how the market for super SUVs has exploded over the past few years, with cars like the BMW X6 M, Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe, Audi RS Q8, Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX validating the public’s formidable appetite for outrageous performance in a coupe-esque 4×4 body.

Porsche already has a rival for those cars in the Cayenne Turbo Coupe, but not a class-leader – which is what the Cayenne Turbo GT aims to be. The manufacturer describes it as the “version tuned for maximum performance and handling”, which is some claim given the level the standard Coupe had already reached – and substantiated to a large extent by the recent Nurburgring record.

Now we have more detail on how that’s been achieved. The standout feature is the engine, not least because it’s the most powerful V8 currently made by Porsche, the 4.0-litre unit boasting another 90hp over a Turbo, as well as an additional 66 lb ft – 627 in total. The effect that has on a Cayenne is profound: 0-62mph takes just 3.3 seconds, and the top speed is 186mph. Expect fuel consumption to be a little worse than the official claimed 20mpg at three miles a minute…

The twin-turbo V8 has been thoroughly overhauled to deliver that new output. The Turbo GT gets its own crank, pistons and con-rods over the standard engine, with tweaks to the turbo, fuel injection and intercooler as well. Porsche reckons the eight-speed auto is even quicker shifting for this Cayenne, and the PTM all-wheel drive revised for the additional power and sportier remit. And get this – it has a titanium exhaust. Another unique feature, the pipes from the middle of the car back are made of it, nominally saving weight but also promising a proper old racket out of the centre exits. The middle silencer has been culled for the same reasons.

This being a Porsche GT product, however, the Cayenne Turbo is about an awful lot more than just power. The revisions underneath are extensive, promising “outstanding chassis dynamics with everyday usability.” To that end, the GT rides lower than a Turbo (up to 17mm), with 15 per cent stiffer air suspension, reworked PASM dampers, retuned rear-axle steering, “performance-oriented control software” for the active anti-roll, modified Porsche Torque Vectoring… you get the idea.

However unfavourable a base the Cayenne might be a for a genuinely track-focused driver’s car, that hasn’t stopped Porsche trying. The changes even go so far as an additional 0.45 degrees of negative camber on the front axle, to give the specially developed P Zero Corsas as much of a contact patch as realistically possible. Ceramic brakes are standard.

Marking the GT out are the 22-inch wheels in Neodyme, a new front spoiler, carbon roof and an extendable rear wing that reaches 25mm further than a Turbo. The latter works in conjunction with the diffuser – on a Cayenne! – to generate another 40kg of downforce at top speed. Arctic Grey seen here is a new colour option. Offered only in four-seat spec, the Turbo GT’s interior features the model name embroidered on the bucket seats, Alcantara seat centres and a yellow marking at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel – because race car. But then you’ll have to take your hand off the top of the wheel to see it, so…

Making its debut at Goodwood next weekend, the Cayenne Turbo GT is available to order now, priced from £143,910. That’s a hefty premium over the Turbo – which costs £110,280 – but the Porsche will be confident the modifications justify it. They will obviously need to because the alternatives are plentiful and similiarily fast. Though not round the Nurburgring, it would seem. We’ll find out what that means for the real world in due course. Deliveries begin in the autumn.

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